The submission deadline for Volume 3 Issue 1 of the Statelessness and Citizenship Review is 31 January 2021. 
In addition to general submissions, Volume 3(1) will feature a symposium on 'Citizenship and Statelessness in India'.  The special guest editor of the symposium is Dr Adil Hasan Khan, Melbourne Law School.  Please direct any queries about the symposium to Dr Khan at  Submissions for the symposium follow the usual submission process.
Articles should be 8,000-10,000 words in length (incl. footnotes), though longer pieces of up to 12,000 words can also be accommodated. Critique and Comment submissions should be between 2,000-2,700 words (incl. bibliography or footnotes). Case Notes should be 3-4 pages (approx. 2000-2500  words).  
All submissions should follow the OSCOLA citation system. For section descriptions and more information on look, style and references, please see the submission preparation checklist.
We’re pleased to announce that the Statelessness and Citizenship Review is now available on HeinOnline.