'I Must Be from Somewhere. I'm Not from the Moon'

Navigating the Politics of Labelling for Stateless Palestinian Refugees from Syria

  • Jason Tucker Malmö University
  • Haqqi Bahram Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) of Linköping University, Sweden
Keywords: Statelessness, Refugees, Palestinians Refugees, Syria, Labels, Standpoint Theory, Sweden


This article explores the relationship between statelessness and refugeeness over time and space. It does so by drawing on how Palestinian refugees from Syria in Sweden navigate the various stateless and refugee labels imposed upon them before, during and after their flight from Syria to Sweden. Standpoint theory was deployed as the basis for understanding how this group of stateless refugees related to these labels. While the research found that, even though the labelling process was largely non-participatory, both as a manifestation for epistemic agency and a vehicle for epistemic justice in statelessness and refugee research, standpoint theory has offered an indispensable lens through which we have accessed the multiple strategies that the interviewees adopted to accept, reject, resist or negotiate their re/de-labelling throughout their journey.

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Tucker, J., & Bahram, H. (2021). ’I Must Be from Somewhere. I’m Not from the Moon’. The Statelessness & Citizenship Review, 3(2), 330-46. Retrieved from https://statelessnessandcitizenshipreview.com/index.php/journal/article/view/275