A Typology of Statelessness

  • Benedikt Buechel University of Edinburgh
Keywords: subject theory, object theory, 1954 statelessness convention, discrimination, #ibelong, statelessness, political theory, recognition, denationalisation, nationality deprivation, structural statelessness, voluntary statelessness


Although statelessness within the modern state system has many facets, there has not been any attempt to work out a formal typology. When conceptualising statelessness in singular terms, theorists miss something important: they fail to capture the full moral scope of statelessness. This article addresses this shortcoming. It is divided into four parts. First, I will show how statelessness is categorised under the UN’s framework. Second, I will turn to legal and social theory to argue that statelessness can be best understood through the two concepts of responsibility and recognition. Third, I will identify three different subtypes of statelessness. They derive from the source of nationality deprivation and include voluntary statelessness, structural statelessness and denigrative statelessness. Finally, I will offer some concluding remarks.

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